IP calculator for Excel, LibreOffice and Google Sheets

subnet calculator and IP address functions for your spreadsheet

free download:

ip-calc for LibreOffice and OpenOffice Calc
ip-calc for Microsoft Excel
ip-calc for Google Sheets
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what ip-calc can do:

- increment an IP address
- IP address sorting
- calculate a net mask or a wildcard (i.e. inverse mask)
- check if an address is in a subnet
- match an address against a list of subnets (similar to Excel VLOOKUP and MATCH functions)
- find overlapping subnets
- sort and summarize subnets or routes
- convert an IP range to a list of networks in CIDR notation
- subtract subnets from a list of larger subnets
- calculate the difference between 2 IP addresses
- calculate the size of a subnet
- check if an address is public or private
- IPv4 and IPv6 (not all functions are available for IPv6 yet)
+ provide a set of helper functions for IP address parsing so you can easily write your own macro

view source code: LibreOffice Basic, Excel VB, Google Sheets JavaScript

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